The most exciting part of our jobs at Terra Biotech is the testimonials. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing from our consumers about how our company and products have impacted their lives in a positive manner. Below we have provided some of the many testimonials we receive.

Terra Biotech distributors come from all walks of life and a variety of interesting backgrounds.  Each has his or her own reasons and motivations for joining the ranks of our distributors.

Robyn Cooper – Visalia, CA

I had been experiencing a lot of pain and inflammation in my left knee and hip for several months, limiting a lot of activities.  Physical therapy, medications and exercises were not helping.  After just 2 days on the Nectr Core product the decrease in discomfort was nothing short of amazing! Thank you Terra Biotech for helping me get back to an active lifestyle.

Suzanne McGee – Sandy, UT

When Suzanne McGee was experiencing terrible insomnia, Terra Biotech rep Robyn Cooper sent her a ten-pack of NECTR CALM. Suzanne was so intrigued by the product that she listened in on a Saturday morning call.  She immediately loved the positive nature of the company and realized that it aligned with her values.  “Terra Biotech is not ‘just another company’,” Suzanne says. “Just by hopping on a few calls, I could feel the pull of the mission and the spirit and warmth that the company truly wants me to be a success.”

Dr. Mike – Clovis, CA

For the past 35 years, Dr. Mike Lassley has run a chiropractic business in California that focuses on wellness. Over the years, companies have approached him to endorse or use their products in his practice, but he has never found any that he could recommend.

After a three-day trial of NECTR CALM, Dr. Mike says, “I slept better, really better.” Additionally, Dr. Mike’s elderly parents have also seen benefits in using NECTR CALM.  Dr. Mike explains that his parents are in their 80s and in poor health.  “I gave them each three bottles of Calm and the next evening during dinner, my dad said ‘You know that stuff you gave me to sleep, I slept really well and only had to get up once’.”

Dr. Mike enjoys traveling, especially camping and fishing in his camp trailer.  “I can see myself traveling around, dropping off three-day trial packs everywhere I go like Johnny Appleseed, except they’re Terra Biotech seeds.”


Max and Linda – Auberry, CA

Max and Linda Montgomery have been in sales their entire lives.  Retired now, Max worked in construction selling concrete for 35 years, while Linda plied her hand in cosmetics, retail, and real estate.

“After purchasing and consuming we are seeing wonderful health benefits from this new super food product,” Linda says.  After doing some research, she and Max decided to supplement their retirement income by signing on as distributors. “By the end of our first month, we had earned our investment back, plus we were putting money from sales into our savings account.”


Bryan – Austin, TX

Bryan Adamcik, a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, is a self-described “supplement addict and health freak” as well as budding entrepreneur. After trying a 12-day supply of RIZE, CORE, and CALM, he says, “I stopped taking all my other supplements and took nothing but NECTR. I witnessed the supplements working first hand and asked if I could sell it.”


Shirley – Fort Worth, Texas

I am all about health, vitamins, minerals, and maintaining as healthy a lifestyle as possible. But, even with all of that, I have suffered with fibromyalgia for many years. In the last 10 years, it has become more aggressive and painful. Every tissue in your body aches and really debilitates your ability to perform the most simple of tasks. My body would hurt so bad that even sleeping was uncomfortable. I have tried a few medications that did not help and only created side effects that were not tolerable. My friend told me about Terra-biotech products, their ingredients, and the research behind the products. I decided to give them a try because I had nothing to lose. Within a few days, I could tell the difference. I ran out of the product before my first order arrived and I was without it for about three days. I really was feeling bad again. So, I went by my friends to borrow some product until my order arrived. I felt so bad that day. I had several errands to run but didn’t know how I would be able to do so. But, after getting the product, I took the RIZE right away and thought I would just go run one important errand and then just go on home. After I ran the one errand, I felt so good that I kept going for the rest of the day and finished all my errands plus some shopping.

I take the Nectr RIZE every morning and the Nectr CORE every night. The Nectr CORE helps my aches and pains and helps me to sleep without the use of Advil every night. I never run out of the products because they have changed my life so much and have given me back some of my strength to just be able to function. One way to describe how I feel is that it gives me a sense of well being and gives me the ability to have a higher level of functioning on a daily basis.

Thanks Terra-biotech. You have made such a difference in my life. I am very grateful.


Christopher – Plano, Texas

After being in the health field for over 20 years I have come to know that we all take our health for granted, until all of a sudden one day we become sick. It may not be a major disease, but even a cold, flu, or sore throat can bring us down so that we are unable to perform at optimal levels. I was introduced to Terra biotech products approximately one month ago. After researching the products, and their ingredients, I have come to believe that they can be beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Warren Nugent, President of Terra biotech has stated that the Calm product, “helps you get a good night’s sleep so that you can have a great next day”. And even though I have never had any problem sleeping I decided to give the Calm a try. This is an incredible product. It helps my body get a deeper sleep and I wake up more refreshed and energized than ever before. The Rize, in my opinion, should not be classified as just an energy drink, because it does so much more. Although it does give you sustained energy, some of the ingredients in this product work on feeding your brain for better mental clarity and focus. The Core product, to me, is unique. Webster defines unique as “one and only” when I feel stressed I will drink a Core and WOW within 20 minutes I feel great. Because I am so excited about these products and the principals behind Terra biotech (people of integrity) I decided to share these products. Try them for yourself, you will love them!!! Thank you Warren, Jamie, and the entire staff of Terra biotech for all you do.


Burton – Allen, Texas

My wife Susan and I love Nectr Calm, we sleep better than ever! We also drink Core and are feeling well and have no ailments. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product.


Trevor – Dallas, Texas

I drink Nectr Calm and receive a great nights sleep-every night. Rest is probably the most important factor when preparing to compete. Combined with the RIZE that I take just before I step on the ice, I am fully rested and focused to be able to work hard and give an excellent performance. I take 2 Nectr RIZE before every game and I’ve been playing the best hockey of my life.”


Ramon – Dallas, Texas

I was one to take sleeping pills to be able to sleep at night, but ever since I started drinking “calm” before going to bed, I sleep the entire night and I do not have to take sleeping pills anymore. I also awaken very refresh. I love this product!


Dwana – Azle, Texas

In March, I was diagnosed with diabetes. This was a very scary diagnosis to me particularly because I was self employed and had no insurance at the time and did not know how I could possibly afford the cost of my health care with this diagnosis. I have struggled with obesity my entire life, including a failed weight loss surgery 12 years ago. There are things in our lives that give us a wakeup call and this was definitely one for me. I realized that it was time for me to make the changes that I needed to make to save my life.

Soon after, I was introduced to Terra Biotech and the Nectr Core product. The changes for me were slow. First I noticed that I just felt better and was able to make it through the day, then I felt like exercising a bit which led to eating better and researching how to live with diabetes. I am happy to report to you that after only a few short months on the product and a complete lifestyle change, I have not only lost over 80 pounds but am now controlling my blood sugar levels to normal ranges. I owe the entire Terra Biotech Family a big “Thank You” for encouraging me and supporting me in my journey. I am honored to be a part of this family who truly cares about helping others in their journey to good health and look forward to completing my project to lose 200 pounds.


Carol- Dallas, Texas

My husband introduced me to Nectr Core. Shortly after using Nectr Core, I noticed my joint pain was alleviated for the most part and I felt energized to start exercising and getting active again. I used Nectr Core twice a day and love it!


Pastor David, Fort Worth, Texas

My wife and I have been greatly blessed and reaped many benefits from taking this product for the 3 weeks we have been on it. Due to the fact I am 6 months from having a quadruple bypass heart surgery, I have been very low on energy and did not feel well. Usually, before taking this product, I would have to take a daily nap to even get through the day. I have felt a dramatic change in my energy flow and even after ministering on Sunday, am able to be up and go for the full day. I thank God for giving us what we need when we need it! My wife, Debbie, has had trouble sleeping for several years. Since our 21 year old son passed away, her sleep patterns were interrupted. Since she has been on the Nectr Calm, she has been able to sleep for longer periods of time and get a good, restful night sleep without depending on something that has side effects. Also, we feel revived in an overall feeling in our body and in our mind. We are SOLD on Terra biotech products.


Derek – Arlington, Texas

A few weeks ago, I was eating unhealthy, drinking too many cokes, and was addicted to energy drinks. I had a hard time sleeping all night, and could barely stay awake during the day. Then I was introduced to Nectr’. The Nectr’ Calm assisted me in my first night of restful sleep in months. The next morning, I then drank Nectr’ Rize. It was amazing how much energy and mental clarity I had all day. Before, I dreaded facing each day feeling helpless to control how I felt. Now, after steadily consuming this amazing product, I have found a new zeal in life. I wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to take on each day. No more tossing and turning all night and nodding off during the day! Nectr’ has changed my lifestyle and inspired me to take better care of my body. People just don’t know how much life they’re missing out on until they feel healthy. Thank you Terra Biotech!


Larry – Austin, Texas

I have been in the mortgage banking business for 13 years and find it sometimes taxing on your mind, body and spirit! Since using the three different products I have found that I am more productive in my personal life,business life as well as my ongoing fitness lifestyle.The ability to recover in a short amount of time after a strenuous workout has been a key factor to continue using the product as well as spreading the word.
Thank you Terra Biotech!


Sonia – North Richland Hills, Texas

I have a condition in my knee that will require surgery. It has been bone on bone for sometime now. I stay swelled and in significant pain all the time. It also has a tumor behind it making it difficult to walk and resitricts movement. Karen started me on the Core twice a day and within a week I could tell a big difference. I was walking better and able to bend my knee.

The pain is much better and the inflammation has decreased.


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